Since my earliest years I have been passionate about nature.

After growing up in a remote Wiltshire village I unfortunately now live in a town.  However I work on a voluntary basis on many nature reserves through out Wiltshire and Hampshire.  I also have four greenhouses full of plants and a garden which is unashamedly out of control – plus a large collection of rescued animals.

This blog is a record of my interests and activities which I hope someone will find of interest.

9 thoughts on “About

      • I must admit I have never heard of B. richardsiana. I did grow a succulent Begonia from a Southwest Seeds list once. I did also have Tradescantia navicularis and lost it (pressure of work means I can’t get into my greenhouses as much as I would like – that’s my excuse anyway!) and I still have one gesneriad: Sinningia leucotricha. I haven’t potted this on for years – if I wore socks I fear I would have to pull them up!

      • Many of these succulent species usually either have thick hairy leaves and/or a fat cordex.

        Yes, you are not alone here as B. Richardsiana is not known by many veteran begonia experts.

      • I have got a small collection of caudicforms – no Begonias though. I would like to increase my collection but I have found these plants require more care than most other succulents: stapeliads and some Euphorbias excluded!

      • Gerald, you have quite a handsome and sizeable collection of succulents already! Apart from your art, how are you going to find the time for extra plants? How many hours of sleep do you get per day?

      • Ha ha, in reply to your last question: not a lot, certainly not as much as I need! I am not sure about the first question! We live in a large rented house and when we moved in the garden consisted entirely of lawn; with hindsight I should have left it and restrict my gardening to the greenhouses – too late now though!

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