February – Plants In Flower: Cylindrophyllum

Although there are a lot of  promising buds very little new is in flower at the moment.  However I did notice a solitary flower on a Cylindrophyllum species up on the shelf (I have forgotten the actual species but I grew it originally from seed).

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp


The First Snowdrop Flowers Of The Year – Seen 28th January

These are the first snowdrops I have seen in flower this year.  They are not in my garden I hasten to add but strangely are on a north facing bank shaded by a hedge and high trees on the way to the town centre.

Test Valley-20130131-03487

Test Valley-20130131-03489

January/February Flowers In The Greenhouses

Flowering is a bit sparse at the moment, especially as my Crassulaceae collection is a bit depleted; I hope to build it up again this year.  Several mesembs are flowering well however and there a few Crassulas lining up to bloom in the next week or so.

Cheiridipsis sp.

Cheiridipsis sp.

A very common mesemb whose name escapes me - I will get back to you!

A very common mesemb whose name escapes me – I will get back to you!

Crassula sp.

Crassula sp.

Aeonium still in bloom

Aeonium still in bloom




The Garden Under The Snow

Almost a week after the snow has melted I have finally got round to posting a few photographs of the effect it had on the garden – dramatic but hopefully not that long lasting (although some of the, admittedly over exuberant, bamboo has been broken – I planted the bamboo fifteen years ago to hide the shed and it has got so big I now need to plant something to hide it!).

We had at least six inches of snow which may have been exceeded by an inch or two in 2009 but was certainly bad enough.  Thankfully it didn’t last long and hopefully isn’t coming back -a frantic check of the met office long range forecast needed now!

Test Valley-20130118-03366

Test Valley-20130118-03381

Test Valley-20130118-03405

Test Valley-20130118-03407 Test Valley-20130118-03410

Test Valley-20130118-03411Test Valley-20130118-03412

Test Valley-20130118-03415


Late Flowers – Mid November

The last couple of weeks has seen typical UK weather with drizzle, fog and an occasional frost.  The greenhouses still have late summer/autumn blossoms on show as well as the start of the winter flowers.

Conophytum species

Conophytum species. I grew all my Conophytum from seed in the Eighties and early Nineties – of course in the madness of the last few years I have lost a lot of the labels!

Crassula perforata

Crassula perforata – this my favourite genus of plants and when I get more time and money I want to build up my collection again.

Crassula rupestris

I think this is a form of Crassula rupestris – I did have several forms but this is the only one I have left. The others were far less robust.

Echeveria and Aeonium

Echeveria and Aeonium – I will try and remember the species!

Echeveria xBlack Prince

Echeveria xBlack Prince – I will have to fiddle with my phone to see if there is a close up setting!

Nerine species

Nerine species – I can’t remember where I got it.


A very common Crassula species whose name temporarily escapes me!  I haven’t potted these plants for several years and they aren’t flowering very well this year – I will have to divide and repot in the spring.

Crassula species

Crassula species – probably white form of the above








End Of Summer Greenhouses – Addendum

I took out all the tomatoes, peppers etc. from my lean-to last weekend – it is now officially the end of the summer!

I also unceremoniously cut off the annual climbers – they would have struggled on but it was probably a lost cause.  I then rearranged the staging and filled up the top with sundry winter/spring flowering monocotyledons and the bottom with dying off summer flowering plants. A photo below of work in progress.

Let us hope we have a mild winter as I still haven’t insulated some of the greenhouses yet!