The Small Lean-to

I am still not making a good enough effort of writing posts for this blog – apologies but I hope things will get better once I get into it again.  Here are some photographs of the little lean-to taken in June and August.  Like the temporary house this greenhouse is now devoted to conventional pot plants although I have potted some of my largest and long neglected Dioscoreas and placed them along the back wall.

My remaining three greenhouses are devoted to succulents with space on the lower stagings and ground for bulbs.  The top house is devoted to Crassulacea with Haworthias and Gasterias under the staging; the large house to cactus and miscellaneous succulent families including the Agaves and Bromeliads and the smallest one to the Mesemb family.  More about all of these in due course.

The small lean-to in June

The small lean-to in June

The small lean-to in June

The small lean-to in June

The small lean-to in August.  Everything has got a bit wild!

The small lean-to in August. Everything has got a bit wild!

The Garden Circa 1999

I fear I will have to redesign the garden yet again as I want to fit in the new greenhouse – I have lost count how many times I have changed it.  My real love is greenhouse plants and greenhouse management so the inevitable upheaval may be worth it.  If and when I get the greenhouse erected I may not heat it initially but rather use it for tomatoes et al in the summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn followed by lettuce through the winter and bulbs in the spring – this was the regime I adopted in my first greenhouse over forty years ago.

By coincidence my wife has just found out some old photographs of the garden at the end of the Century when we had the first avatar of the lawn and there was only one, admittedly large, greenhouse and a tiny lean-to.  All the shrubs had either not been planted or had not grown very big and there was actually flowers in the borders!!!!!

Two Surreal Images

As usual I am desperately late with my gardening jobs (partly blamed on the very hot summer but mainly because my default state is sat in front of an easel, painting!).  To illustrate here are two, I think rather surreal,  photographs: one taken from the kitchen window and one taken from the dining room. Both show a complete mess which I should really be ashamed about but probably aren’t!

The tubs are for mature Dioscorea caudiciforms which ideally should be potted every three of four years but I am not sure if I have actually potted them this century!  If I had they would have armchair sized caudexes by now, which admittedly would take up a lot of room.  I am potting the ones that grow in the winter and will now have to, reluctantly, leave the summer growing ones to the spring (or will I – I may chance it).  Interestingly whether they grow in winter or summer is almost dictated by chance, or more likely watering regimes when they are still seedlings.  They come from South Africa so would normally grow during our winter months.

Someone has given me an eight by six foot greenhouse but I am not sure where to put it; hence the bits propped up against the outhouse!  I already have four plus three ponds, not to mention a relatively newly planted lawn so flexibility is somewhat lacking.  Logically the best option would be to remove the six by four plastic lean-to and put it there but I am reluctant to throw away an old friend.  I will continue to muse!

Incidentally something I am ashamed about is not realising the lemon was not getting the rain during a wet spell last month.  It subsequently dried out and lost its leaves -very embarrassing that!

Test Valley-20130828-07520

Test Valley-20130828-07522