Things That Need Improving – Number Two: The Shaded Garden

There is a very small area shaded by next door’s house and contained on the opposite side by the outhouses of our house.  At the moment it has mainly native ferns growing in it.  These propagate themselves under the polythene floor covering below the staging in the top greenhouse.  Three or four species have grown there so far!

I need to move and plant out the Aucuba and get some shade loving plants in the old sink and window box for starters.  There is a bamboo screen in the gap between the two houses which (as you can see) gets blown down at the faintest breeze so I may plant the Aucuba there – so where would I then put the ivy?  Somewhere where it wont grow up next door’s wall as I have just spent some time prizing it off there!

The, now almost rotten, uprights were on the wall when we moved in; I suppose I could attach some trellis and plant a shade loving climber – the only one I can think of at the moment is Hydranrea petiolaris which would grow far too big.  Another option would be to attach pots to the trellis for fuchsias etc.

There is a wind chime hanging down – the sound of which we have got used to now (our bedroom in immediately above this garden) – and I must confess I have been tempted to add the dreaded Buddha sculpture a few times – I can see myself eventually succumbing!

Incidentally, on the subject of strange nocturnal sounds, the pond filter system make an intermittent and unearthly banshee like wailing and we are readying ourselves for a visit from the RSPCA about the animal crying in the back garden!