My Patio Staging

Being a penniless artist (slight exaggeration! – I emphasize the word slight!) I try to save money where I can.  Consequently when my wife bought me a fourth greenhouse, some time ago now, I bought the cheapest staging I could get.  This turned out to be made from thin galvanised steel (in sections like a Meccano kit – thankfully I had Meccano when I was a boy!) and was far too narrow and far far too high!.  I solved the narrowness by getting some extremely large plastic trays for the top and I solved the height issue by literally cutting the top of each length of staging.  This gave me four lengths of very short staging; two were of no practical use (I cut the staging at two different heights for reasons too boring to go into) and the other two I put between the lean-to and the bottom patio.  I use them for summering greenhouse plants – this year and last they have been predominantly pelargoniums.