The Smallest Allotments In The World!

I haven’t made any posts recently as I have been very tied up with work.  I am behind with everything in the garden too.  I haven’t started potting yet and I have four greenhouses to do; the ground elder in the mixed border is out of control and all slabs around the pond need relaying.  Phew!!!

I have managed to sow some vegetable seeds though – well I have to give the slugs and snails something to eat!  Apart from pots on the patio and three mini greenhouses (temporarily bereft of plastic after next door’s cat tried to climb up them!) I have two tiny beds either side of the top greenhouse.  Each is two feet by eight.  I had earlier sowed radish, carrot and spring onion seeds plus onion and shallot sets and this weekend I added beetroot, parsnip (too late I know), spinach, different carrots, broccoli, leeks and more radish.  I will sow peas and beans in the week.

The radish, and possibly carrots, have already been partially eaten so I may have to reluctantly get one of the wildlife friendly slug/snail treatments.  I used to pick the up every night and take the up to the wild area beside the railway track!  Sadly time is in short supply at the moment.

No prizes for the number of weeds you can spot in the shrub border the other side of the path.  I tend to throw old compost along this bed so the weeds grow to gigantic proportions – one of the turtles does eat the dandelion leaves though!