The First Snowdrop Flowers Of The Year – Seen 28th January

These are the first snowdrops I have seen in flower this year.  They are not in my garden I hasten to add but strangely are on a north facing bank shaded by a hedge and high trees on the way to the town centre.

Test Valley-20130131-03487

Test Valley-20130131-03489

A Couple More Outside Flowers In November

Type of Freesia

I am assuming this is a type of Freesia; it came in a special offer packet of bulbs


A late flowering Brodiaea; again from a special offer packet



End Of Summer Greenhouses – Addendum

I took out all the tomatoes, peppers etc. from my lean-to last weekend – it is now officially the end of the summer!

I also unceremoniously cut off the annual climbers – they would have struggled on but it was probably a lost cause.  I then rearranged the staging and filled up the top with sundry winter/spring flowering monocotyledons and the bottom with dying off summer flowering plants. A photo below of work in progress.

Let us hope we have a mild winter as I still haven’t insulated some of the greenhouses yet!