The Garden Circa 1999

I fear I will have to redesign the garden yet again as I want to fit in the new greenhouse – I have lost count how many times I have changed it.  My real love is greenhouse plants and greenhouse management so the inevitable upheaval may be worth it.  If and when I get the greenhouse erected I may not heat it initially but rather use it for tomatoes et al in the summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn followed by lettuce through the winter and bulbs in the spring – this was the regime I adopted in my first greenhouse over forty years ago.

By coincidence my wife has just found out some old photographs of the garden at the end of the Century when we had the first avatar of the lawn and there was only one, admittedly large, greenhouse and a tiny lean-to.  All the shrubs had either not been planted or had not grown very big and there was actually flowers in the borders!!!!!

Things That Need Improving – Number One: The Lawn

Our neighbour kindly gave us the turves for the lawn last summer – their source best not mentioned,  I am not sure what type of grass is included but the resulting lawn in very patchy (the same could be said for the top of my head but we wont mention that either!).

The lawn is somewhat raised as it is on soil (top soil and subsoil) that I removed when I extended the fish pond.  Although I made strenuous efforts to trample it down it has still sunk in places and the dreaded bindweed is coming through in places too – in spite of what other gardeners say I don’t think you cam completely remove it; certainly not in deep soil like ours (24+ inches in places).

I put Growmore down before I laid the turf but I haven’t fed it since, so that is another job to do.