Hello Again!

Hello again!  Sorry for the very protracted break but pressure of work meant the garden has been neglected for an exceptionally long time.  Nor have I done any wildlife conservation work since 2012.  Consequently this blog has been rather put on the back burner of late but I do now intend  to make amends.

I am slowly beginning to get on top of all the greenhouse potting, partly be reducing the number of plants – more of this anon – but the garden itself has gone extremely wild!  The photographs illustrate what was originally intended to be a wild garden but I which I had planned to turn into an area for fruit; despite there being two gooseberries hidden among the alkanet I think the wild garden concept has probably won!

Wild garden turned into fruit garden turned into wild garden!

Wild garden turned into fruit garden turned into wild garden!

The wild garden with pond

The wild garden with pond

5 thoughts on “Hello Again!

    • Oh dear, that is a long time, I hope it is not too painful. I do hope you can have it removed soon and get back to your gardening.

      Apart from not having much time another of my problems is that most of my biggest weeds are very bee friendly and I always feel guilty when I remove them as bees over here are having a very bad time at the moment.

      • one more week and the cast will be removed but it is still relatively painfull so I hope they won’t give me another cast !!!! it is soooo frustrating ! as for the bee’s, I try to plant a lot of bee friendly plants and flowers and I have bee hotels….but I know it is only a drop on a hot plate ….too many people don’t care and want “a perfect” garden instead of a bit of nature where the birds and the bee’s feel welcome !

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