Another New Start

I had great horticultural plans for this year; leaving off painting and writing a little to try and get the garden looking relatively respectable again.  Unfortunately everything did not go as planned for a number of reasons – although the garden did look great for a week or two!.

One of the reasons was that my wife and I found ourselves looking after two terminally ill cats, one passed away at the turn of the year and the other in June.  One was a rescue who we took on knowing she was poorly and actually gave her over two years she wouldn’t have had, although we desperately hoped she would have lasted longer, and the other was a young cat we had since a kitten and her illness (in fact she had two quite separate ones which seemed to us such bad luck) came as a complete shock.  To stretch coincidence even further just after the second cat died we discovered that our dog had a tumour on her leg: it was the worse kind but very low grade so it has been removed and we are hoping it doesn’t return.

The second drain on my time was that, quite out of the blue, I decided to invent a second artistic career independent of my main one.  In fact I started afresh as if I was a young man (I wish!) beginning his artistic journey and I am exploring radically new media, styles and themes.  This has meant two sets of blogs and two sets of paintings to upload to various online galleries which consequently left too little time for other blogs.

Anyway I have started to get back into the garden again now – a rather daunting task! – and I am also beginning to make a photographic record of my plants.  There have been quite a few changes predominantly in the greenhouses and hopefully I will begin to share the images and my gardening experiences soon.


The succulent house immediately after potting in May. Please not the ex hot water heating pipe plant stands.

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