The Garden Circa 1999

I fear I will have to redesign the garden yet again as I want to fit in the new greenhouse – I have lost count how many times I have changed it.  My real love is greenhouse plants and greenhouse management so the inevitable upheaval may be worth it.  If and when I get the greenhouse erected I may not heat it initially but rather use it for tomatoes et al in the summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn followed by lettuce through the winter and bulbs in the spring – this was the regime I adopted in my first greenhouse over forty years ago.

By coincidence my wife has just found out some old photographs of the garden at the end of the Century when we had the first avatar of the lawn and there was only one, admittedly large, greenhouse and a tiny lean-to.  All the shrubs had either not been planted or had not grown very big and there was actually flowers in the borders!!!!!


6 thoughts on “The Garden Circa 1999

    • One of the reasons I changed this version of the garden was because June didn’t like the arty bits – such as the path going through the circular bed for example. Now she says she liked it! The garden at the minute is an overgrown mess it has to be said, and will probably get worse before it gets better.

      I am working on plan F for siting the greenhouse which is put it in the middle of the shrubbery – this is thinking out of the box big time!

      • I personally like the bit messy look. It’s more inviting.

        Do you mean cutting into the evergreens on the left to put the greenhouse in there?

      • I keep getting calls from David Attenborough’s production team to see if they can film in the garden – apprarently it is one of only a few real jungles left on Earth. When visitors go in the garden it usually take them several days to find their way out again – we have to count them in and count them out just in case someone does’t make it!

        The place I am looking at is in front of the wooden greenhouse which is now full of trees and shrubs – I will remove the shrubs and tuck it beside the trees.

      • Oh ho, that’s funny!

        Too bad you couldn’t go vertical and make a 2-story greenhouse. After all, heat rises and that would be good in the cold weather. It would also give your visitors a landmark to head towards.

      • A two storey greenhouse would be good – it would be like Kew Gardens. Unfortunately it would also be a landmark for all the high strength lager louts to head towards. I think I am getting the garden sorted in my head now – this doesn’t tackle the grim reality though, but I will get there eventually.

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