Hello Again – Plus A Photograph From My Childhood

I am very sorry for not posting anything for a while but this blog tends to be the Cinderella of all the ones I write.  I usually post to my literary blogs on a regular basis (I am not sure if these are the ugly sisters!) and the art ones only slightly less frequently but this one – despite by passion for plants, animals and the landscape of Southern England – gets ignored!

I must also confess to not gardening enough during the summer months.  Up to quite recently it was blistering hot and as my studio was much cooler it became even more enticing than usual!  I did take a handful of photographs over the summer months which I will share over the next few weeks.  I may try and post one photo a day to see if I can build up some kind of momentum – we shall see!

However the picture below is from much longer ago and illustrates my very first greenhouse: which was made from corrugated PVC and purchased in the Sixties and an Alton greenhouse I bought a bit later in my middle teens (with a bit of help from my parents!).  The small greenhouse was heated by a blue flame paraffin heater and housed Chrysanthemums in the autumn, lettuce et al through the winter, bedding plants in the spring and tomatoes etc. during the summer months.  The larger greenhouse was initially heated by a coal fired hot water pipe system – which unfortunately caught the greenhouse on fire and then by electricity. It housed the start of my cacti and succulent collection and a large selection of pot plants; most of which I grew from seed.

The frames housed overwintering bulbs, vegetable seedlings and other small plants.  The rest of the garden, and a very large allotment, belonged to my father.



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