Highlight Of The Week – A Red Kite Flies Overhead

I was waiting at the bus stop after visiting my father this morning and a red kite sailed over my head.  I have seen one or two patrolling the tiny village in the past but this was the closest it had got – unfortunately it looks very small in a hurried smartphone photograph.

They must be in the top ten of the most majestic sights to be seen in the English countryside – the phrase poetry in motion being completely accurate in this case.


Red Kite

Red Kite

The Greenhouses Immediately After Potting In May

I am very sorry I haven’t posted anything recently – pressure of work I am afraid.  I have taken some photos during the interim so hope to resume posting on a regular basis in the near future.

Here are some greenhouse pictures taken immediately after a week of potting during the third week of May which I hope may be of interest.