June’s Garden

My wife June looks after the tiny front garden of our rented property.  It really is small with a large cherry laurel hedge at the front and our neighbour’s shrubs to the side.  The soil is extremely poor but we are doing our best to improve it.  The borders in front of the bay window and in front of the hedge tend to be a bit dry particularly in the summer months, however there is a nice show of spring flowers at the moment despite the bad weather – hopefully it will be even better next year.

Test Valley-20130406-04366

Test Valley-20130406-04356

Test Valley-20130406-04357

Test Valley-20130406-04359

6 thoughts on “June’s Garden

    • You wouldn’t think so if you went outside! Although having said that, yesterday after an exceptionally cold start was almost pleasant – in fact in the middle of the afternoon it was almost warm!

      The hyacinths have been in bloom for about a month; the earliest ones started during the very brief mild spell we had at the beginning of March and one of these was even eaten off by slugs – a bit annoying and ironic really considering what weather was to come later. All the other flowers have only really started moving during the last week or so. Our Forsythia is just opening now – it probably got tired of waiting!

      • It is Spring in my greenhouse but outside the wind is still very cold but it looks good with the sun, it seems we had the last frost for a while at least and temps are on the up so we can’t complain really. I started planting and sowing and potting up, repotting …..in the greenhouse, all thing I could have done a month earlier if it wasn’t for the cold weather. I hope Summer will make us forget about this long horrible Winter !!!!
        Have a nice SUNday !

  1. Thank-you for sharing, the colours and scents have wafted all the way over here…where spring has yet to manifest itself.

    • You are very welcome! If it is any consolation this UK winter has broken all kinds of records: longest winter for over 50 years, coldest March since records began, coldest Easter plus many many others. Even now it is feeling more like the beginning of March rather than the beginning of April!

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