February – Plants In Flower In The Garden

The aconites came and went in January and were the first plants in flower in the garden this year – excluding the obvious like winter flowering Viburnum and Christmas Roses.  The aconites actually flowered so quickly I never managed to get a photograph even though I often have a mobile phone in my pocket.  Going off at a tangent this isn’t so annoying as seeing a pair of young otters on a river bank in the middle of town last year and not getting my phone out of my pocket in time!

I planted a number of Iris reticulata hyrbrids in tubs in October last year (along with species tulips and dwarf narcissi – both lots coming up) and they have been in flower since the end of last month, one plant flowering very early and the rest more gradually later.  Strangely one pot is flowering better than the other – hopefully there is  nothing untoward going on in the other one.

Iris reticulata hybrids

Iris reticulata hybrids

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