February – Plants In Flower: Cylindrophyllum

Although there are a lot of  promising buds very little new is in flower at the moment.  However I did notice a solitary flower on a Cylindrophyllum species up on the shelf (I have forgotten the actual species but I grew it originally from seed).

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp

Cyllindrophyllum sp



5 thoughts on “February – Plants In Flower: Cylindrophyllum

    • We have got a desperately cold East wind (ever since Wednesday) so we are sharing the coldness of your weather at the moment, not the snow however (thankfully!).

      I used to grow all my plants from seed when I was younger, the old house I was living in then had an airing cupboard – brilliant for seed raising, probably good for drying clothes too! The first time I actually bought some plants I introduced meally bug into my collection and it has been causing havoc ever since!

      • The most common genus is Pseudococcus but there may be others – there are well over a hundred species. I expect you know but they look like small white waxy woodlice. Not only do they suck the sap but I reckon they introduce fungal or bacterial diseases (possibly also viruses). I should have complained to the nursery I got the plants from but didn’t – it was a very long time ago now!

      • I certainly do know them, unfortunately !!! My cacti and succulents have them especially in Winter, as my collection is not really very big, I inspect them regularly and kill the bugs with a toothpick and remove the coccoons where the eggs or little ones hide, it gives me great pleasure to kill them, not that I like killing but I have to in order to keep my plants !

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