The Garden Under The Snow

Almost a week after the snow has melted I have finally got round to posting a few photographs of the effect it had on the garden – dramatic but hopefully not that long lasting (although some of the, admittedly over exuberant, bamboo has been broken – I planted the bamboo fifteen years ago to hide the shed and it has got so big I now need to plant something to hide it!).

We had at least six inches of snow which may have been exceeded by an inch or two in 2009 but was certainly bad enough.  Thankfully it didn’t last long and hopefully isn’t coming back -a frantic check of the met office long range forecast needed now!

Test Valley-20130118-03366

Test Valley-20130118-03381

Test Valley-20130118-03405

Test Valley-20130118-03407 Test Valley-20130118-03410

Test Valley-20130118-03411Test Valley-20130118-03412

Test Valley-20130118-03415



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