October Flowers In The Garden – I know its November!

Here are a few autumn blooms which I should have posted earlier – better late than never!

Tigridia Pavonia

Tigridia Pavonia in our front garden – my wife tends to do most of the work out there. They were planted as bulbs.

Tigridia Pavonia

Tigridia Pavonia

Schizostylis coccinea

Schizostylis coccinea outside the cacti house. It actually flowered very well this year – probably because we had such a wet summer!

Dahlia Bishop Of Llandaff

Dahlia Bishop Of Llandaff. I never potted them on this year and they resented it! I tend to grow the plants in pots these days otherwise they will be eaten to the ground by slugs and snails!


Colchicum (The Giant?) and Sedum Spectabile at the front of the mixed border – I moved the latter at least twice this year!





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