Late Flowers

At the start of the year I planned to photograph plants in flower on a weekly basis.  This patently never materialised  (the same fate happened to many of my other projects!) – I will have another go next year so please bear with me!

Below are a few late flowers in the big greenhouse.  These here are all members of the Mesembryanthemum family.







Trichodiadema and Conophytum

Trichodiadema and Conophytum

Titanopsis and Lithops

Titanopsis and Lithops










18 thoughts on “Late Flowers

    • The Lithops are flowering late for me this year – probably because we had such a dreadful summer. Unfortunately they are not in the best greenhouse for them to grow well. My largest greenhouse was bought second hand and it was too big to be aligned north south – which I have found almost essential for succulents in the UK; an east west alignment is hopeless!

      My favourite group of plants of all are the Crassula family and hopefully some of these will flower through the winter – vine weevils allowing: I knew I should have used an insecticidal drench during the summer!

      • I love all cacti and succulents and when I visit the blogs of people living in a climate where frost doesn’t excist I am very envious of them ! I am hoping Winter wild be mild for a change !

      • Apparently the bad weather in the UK the last few years has been caused by the the jetstream being in the wrong place. I am hoping this goes in cycles and it will behave itself this year! However, the UK met office long range forecast last time I checked gave November and December average and January colder than average – this is what it said this time last year and look what we got!

      • We can! Or I suppose we can move. There are a few coatal areas of the UK that almost never get frosts. I have always fancied moving to one of these – I never will of course (sigh!).

      • Oh dear! Where would you go if you could? I am country born and bred but currently live in the town my wife was born in and don’t really like it – although I think now I would prefer to move to the seaside rather than the countryside if the opportunity ever arose – although as previously mentioned it probably wont!

      • Looking on the bright side your husband has probably saved you from being bitten by a funnel web spider! Although on the other side, we’ve just had our hardest frost of the season and its bitterly cold!

      • That probably rules out Australia then! My wife is the same. We have what we call over here slow worms (really a legless lizard) in the garden and I used to surreptiously catch them and take them down to the wild area beside the railway line so she didn’t see them. I think now that is unfair on the animals so I leave them and hope she doesn’t accidentally come across one – I would soon know about it if she did: ditto the rest of the street!

        It looks like we have had our last frost of the week this morning and will now have the UK speciality of cool damp grey weather for the remainder.

      • What long conversations you two (Gwennie and Gerald) have been having! Let’s hope that three is not a crowd here. . . .

        Well, SoundEagle lives in Australia, loves gardening, and has never been bitten by snakes, spiders or sharks. By all means, immigrate to become an Aussie if you have to.

      • Speaking for myself, I have wanted to move back to the countryside from this town for almost twenty years and my wife wont have it! On this basis Australia seems a bit ambitious!

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