The Greenhouses At The End Of The Summer

This summer will go down as the worse of a long series of poor summers.  I actually can’t remember the last hot summer we have had in the UK.  The vegetables were a disaster, ditto sweet peas, and many other plants languished.  I also never got all the borders planted up and irises etc. divided and replanted.

A lot of important jobs didn’t get done: annual insecticide drenches, potting of larger plants and re-insulating of two of the greenhouses – not too late for the last named but I fear I will regret the absence of insecticide.  Note to myself: do better next year!!!

I have taken a few photographs which I will post over the coming days.  Here are some greenhouse pictures taken at the beginning of October before I crammed in all the plants summering outside.  I will post further photos tomorrow.


Lean-to: massively overgrown; there are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillis and aubergines in here along with annual climbers and caudiciform succulents.

The Small Mixed House

The Small Mixed House: with a wide range of succulents and again annual climbers and, this time, many different caudiciforms.

The Large Cacti House

The Large Cacti House: with mesembs, xerophytic cucumbers, agaves and bromeliads as well as, obviously, cacti.

The Crassulaceae House

The Crassulaceae House: plants of the crassula family plus various bulbs, orchids and sundry aloids on the floor.  And a few smaller cacti on the top shelf for good measure.


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