Almost thirty years ago my father brought back home a small ornamental apple that he had picked up while travelling for his job.  I extracted the seeds and sowed them.  I kept four seedlings, eventually planting three in my parents front garden.  When the resulting trees finally flowered and set fruit one had fruit like an ordinary crab apple (similar in appearance to an ordinary dessert apple but much smaller), another had very small bright yellow fruit and the final one had very small bright red fruit.  This was the biggest variability (considering it was such a small sample!) I have ever come across.
Since then my mother has passed away and my father has moved.  However at least one of the trees was still there a few years ago – sadly probably not now though.

Below is an old photo of the red variety.

9 thoughts on “Memories

    • There are quite a number of plants in our current garden which used to grow in my parents garden when I was growing up including some such as Sorbaria which aren’t really appropriate for a relatively small garden – I love it though. I have also bought plants which I associate with people who meant a lot to me – my mother loved heather for example. My main love is greenhouse plants and I still have some succulents which I originally obtained as cuttings from my school!. Thank you very much for commenting.

      • I do enjoy all the associated memories in my garden but to be honest I am usually rushing round like an idiot as I can’t spare as much time gardening as I would like and there is always masses to do. The garden is of fairly modest proportions but I also have four greenhouses, one quite big, which increases the work load hugely.

        Actually I may try and do a post of plant memories in the near future.

      • Oh boy do I feel for you–I have similar issues. I have a lot of large gardens because I just love them so much and cannot stop creating more. Then I have kids, housework, and much more on top of it. So impossible.

      • It must be lovely to have masses of time and just sit in the garden and enjoy the scene!

        However, this wouldn’t have happened this summer in the UK as it practically rained nonstop from May to September! Another reason I couldn’t get much gardening done!

      • All that rain makes it hard to get things done. I love how we all set up chairs, benches, pathways and vignettes, as if we loll about in the garden with a book all day, when virtually every venture into the garden is with a shovel and clippers!

      • I know what you mean! My wife bought a new table and chairs set for the patio a couple of years ago and the only people who have sat on them so far are visitors!

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