Going Off At A Tangent: Windmill Hill

I took this photo moments before the image of cornfield poppies in my previous post.  It is called Windmill Hill.  I have always assumed that the ring of trees on the mound at the top indicate the place where the actual windmill stood but I have never delved into the history of the place.  It is patently long gone.

One of the botanical groups I used to belong to when living in Wiltshire organised several field trips to the site but sadly I never attended.  The flora is apparently quite interesting.

For those familiar with my landscape paintings I have portrayed Windmill Hill a number of times (albeit in a modern art idiom) but always from the Collingbourne Road on the other side.  I have also painted the hill on the opposite side of the valley (Sidbury Hill) which has an iron age hill fort on top.  I have managed to attend field trips on this latter site (including a none too successful one listening to nightingales – or not listening to nightingales as it turned out!) plus worked there on many occasions clearing scrub.  It is extremely evocative as you stand on the crest waiting for the bonfires to burn down and watching the dusk descend across the plain below.

Anyway that is enough of that; hopefully there will be a horticultural post next time!

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire


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