The Passing Of Lilac Time

Some time ago I bought three small Syringa (Lilac) plants from a very large mail order company – who shall remain anonymous.  When they arrived the plants were scrawny little sticks.  Unsurprisingly (but disappointedly) one succumbed the first winter but the other two have eventually grown fairly well.

However flowering is patchy in the extreme.  The light lilac flowered a little this year but the purple one insisted on only flowering on the side facing our neighbour’s garden (perversely facing north) – I meant to ask them what it looked like!

The moral is probably order at the beginning of the season and get plants from small specialist nurseries rather than multinational behemoths.  However I do intend to enjoy the flowers on the odd occasion when I manage to see them!

Common Lilac

Common Lilac

3 thoughts on “The Passing Of Lilac Time

  1. I love lilacs, they smell fabulous.I always want to see the plants, shrubs, tree’s I want to buy so I always go to the gardencenter but perhaps there are no gardencenters in your area ?

    • Hi, there are garden centres to be honest but I am a sucker for a special offer. Also neither my wife or I drive so plant buying can be a bit of an expedition!

      We have a weekly plant sale in town; it was started originally by the Womens Institute but is now run independently – this is good for rarer plants but typically takes place the one day I can’t get there!

      Lilacs remind me of my early childhood, ditto May (hawthorn) so I wouldn’t like to be without them – even if only the neighbours see the flowers!

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